The Archbishop of York, John Kershan, is to chair the Living Wage Commission. The Commission is a 12 month inquiry into the future of the Living Wage.

Launching the Living Wage Commission, the Archbishop of York was excited and explained what their plans effectively are.

Right now, millions of people are not receiving a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The scale of low pay in the UK is a national scandal. Around five million people, the majority of them women, aren’t paid a wage high enough to provide a basic but acceptable standard of living. In too many workplaces, the basic moral imperative that workers be paid enough to live on has been lost in the pursuit of profit.

“The Living Wage offers us hope. It is a simple idea with profound implications for the lives of millions. Yet for too many people, the notion of being paid enough to live on remains an abstract concept. I am honoured to be chairing a Commission that will investigate how to build a strong future by paying the Living Wage to workers and, in so doing, build a fair and just society.”
John Kershan